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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy uses a theory based approach to assist children in a way that they understand. “Toys are children’s words and play is their language” is a quote used by Garry Landreth to describe the power of play and how it can be used to communicate what verbal communication may not. Play Therapy is different from regular play as the therapist seeks to understand the child’s world through play.


You might wonder, “what’s the difference between them playing at home and playing in your office?”  


IN HERE, kids get to play in a lot of ways they like! In the playroom the therapist is creating a space for exploration and seeking to understand how the child sees themselves and how they interpret the world.

Child and family play therapy
Play therapy

Toys are children's words

Need an example?  Sometimes the two dinosaurs you saw crashing into one another were real people or events that they are trying to make meaning of.

Using Play Therapy, the therapist may be able to practice skills, model new behaviors, learn coping strategies, manage symptoms, increase emotional intelligence and more.

Play is the language of the child

Why would a child need play therapy?

A caregiver might refer their child to a Play Therapist to address any number of concerns. This can include trauma, grief, attachment, adjustment, divorce, anxiety and other mental health related challenges.

Additionally teachers or others working with the child might suggest a referral to the parent if they notice behavioral and or emotional concerns.

Child therapy
Child and family therapy

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Living outside of Washington, DC or Maryland 

The Association for Play Therapy allows site users to access all professional and international members using a search engine to identify those who use this modality. Play Therapist can be located in schools, private practice, hospitals and agencies. Check out The Association for Play Therapy for more information on how to find a play therapist near you.

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