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Howze Your Health Shamara Play Therapist
Circle of Security parenting program


Individual therapy 3-15

These services are ideal for children and youth who would benefit from:

  • Guidance to better understand how their past impacts them currently

  • creative ways to learn, identify and express emotions

  • Strategies to develop problem solving skills

  • Support with processing and adapting healthy thoughts about themselves and the world around them

  • Motivating alternative skills to manage behaviors across settings

  • Improved social skills with peers, family and others

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Child therapist in DC

Parent Support 

These services are ideal for parents and caregivers who would benefit from:

  • Guidance in supporting or managing your child's emotions

  • Skills to model healthy ways to identify and express emotions

  • Strategies and tools to support your home dynamic

  • Building healthy connections between you and your child

  • Insight on how their emotions affect the child

  • Learning effective tools to work collaboratively with schools and other communities

  • Challenging the perception of being a new parent and exploring a newly formed identity. (*For Perinatal Mental Health Services)

Professional Inquiries

I am currently providing clinical supervision to clinicians who hold a DC license. I am also available for consultation and presentations for clinical and non clinical audiences on parenting skills, mental health in schools, trauma informed classrooms, trauma informed care, and other wellness related topics.

Shamara Howze Licensed Professional Counselor Play Therapist

Looking to take the first step in your journey towards healing? At Howze Your Health, we understand that reaching out for support can feel both empowering and nerve-wracking. In your consultation call, you can expect a warm welcome while we explore your needs, clarify expectations, verify out of network benefits and determine your co-insurance amount, and ultimately see if we are a good fit for your service needs. 


At Howze Your Health,  we prioritize your well-being without the hassle of insurance. While I operate as an out-of-network provider, rest assured that our approach is 'insurance friendly'. Through our partnership with Thrizer, we streamline the out-of-network process for you seamlessly.


Our priority is to provide you with quality client care, listen attentively, answer any questions you may have, and provide information about our services and how we can support you on your journey to better health and well-being. If you’re ready, click the link below!

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Let's Work Together!

Interested in starting therapy? Learn more about our services by clicking below.

Living outside of Washington, DC or Maryland 

The Association for Play Therapy allows site users to access all professional and international members using a search engine to identify those who use this modality. Play Therapist can be located in schools, private practice, hospitals and agencies. Check out The Association for Play Therapy for more information on how to find a play therapist near you.

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